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Verbosity, Sep 24, 12 5:28 PM.

ATTN Raiders, 

Welcome to Flames of Rebirth. 

We will be beginning our raiding come the 5th of October. 

In doing so, as a raider there are a few things we expect from you. 


--Deadly Boss Mods 

--OMEN (DPS / Tanks are a must, Healers can get it if they so choose)

--Ventrilo is required ( i do not require everyone to speak all the time, but the capability to speak is a plus and will help progression)

--Recount is allowed. please do not spam DPS meters in raid chat 

2. Raid Loot Rules

- All raiders will be rolling main spec to start out. 

if you are one of the 5 DPS, 2 tanks or 3 heals, DPS, heal or Tank will be your loot role for main spec. Any off spec gear will be distributed once all the main spec people have received it. 

Loot will be controlled Via Masterlooter, and all gear will be on tier loot system. Main spec and Off spec will have 2 separate tiers. if you want something main spec or off spec, and DO NOT ROLL when told to, for any reason other than DC, your role will be forfeit and the people who did will get the gear. 

Any and ALL gear you receive is for use by YOUR toon alone. No selling of gear to other raiders in group will be permitted. Rare mounts / Pets that may drop during the raids is up for negotiation, for they do not further raid progression in any way. 

Profession patterns will be done in a different way. Whoever wins first pattern for LW/BS/Tailor  will be treated as the Raids LW/BS or tailor for that raid group. that person will receive the first pick of the patterns until they have received all the current drops for the tier to ensure we have them for the guild usage.

All Raiders are expected to show up on time 11:30pm server time, and be able to stay until at least 2:30am server time on Friday and Saturday nights.  showing up early is always a plus, but we understand if you have to log in right at 1130 as well. 

All Raiders are Required to be prepared for raids and have watched all the raid boss fights to at least have a basic understanding of that boss does what. 

Please watch all the videos of fights for Mogu'shan Vaults. 

Raid comps will be announced on the 5th of October.

Any questions can be directed to Verbosity,

thank you for your time and we all look forward to a productive Mist of Pandaria!



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